SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) issued the following statement after the Senate passed the FY 24 budget:

Murphy EOSQuote

“Illinois legislators have once again delivered a balanced budget that addresses the needs of working families – from education, to support services and pensions. We continued to make smart spending decisions that improve our fiscal health, while also prioritizing our most vulnerable communities.

“We’ve ensured that money is going to support those who need it most. This budget protects programs that prevent crime and illegal firearm activity, invests in kids and seniors, and protects our communities. Additionally it prepares us for fiscal uncertainty. As a state we have lived through a recession and a pandemic within recent memory, and we will not forget the lessons we learned.

“By providing more funding to MAP grants and the AIM HIGH program, we maintain our commitment to make college more affordable and attainable for working and middle-class families. We continue to ensure that we uplift our students so that they can receive the best possible education.”