030923CM0340sDES PLAINES – State Senator Laura Murphy released the following statement in response to the Illinois Supreme Court’s ruling on the pretrial release portions of the SAFE-T Act:

“The decision by the Illinois Supreme Court is a monumental win. By upholding the elimination of cash bail, the court has aligned itself with the principles of equal treatment, ensuring that pretrial detention is based on risk rather than financial resources.

“Though we must always presume innocence until proven guilty, if the crime is serious enough, an individual should not be allowed out on bond if they pose a risk to our communities. Judges will now have to commit to risk assessments and evaluate individual circumstances which promotes fairness, and reflects an understanding that one’s financial resources should not determine their freedom while awaiting trial. I appreciate the Illinois Supreme Court’s commitment to promoting fairness, protecting civil liberties, and upholding the values upon which our legal system is built.”