SPRINGFIELD- State Senator Laura Murphy (D-Des Plaines) released the statement below after a series of initially bipartisan bills that would have resulted in a balanced budget failed to advance through the Illinois Senate.

“For months, our caucus has been negotiating with Senate Republicans toward a balanced, bipartisan budget. Unfortunately, recent actions this week prove the Senate Republicans are refusing to compromise as they failed to support the bills in the Grand Bargain.   

“This budget package included money-saving reforms and $3.8 billion in cuts, largely proposed by the Republicans. It would have provided vital funding for universities and community colleges, services for those with developmental disabilities and given stability to the state’s business community. This was a step to a balanced budget for the state.

“Each day we are without a budget the state goes $11 million more into debt. Universities will continue to layoff staff and hike tuition rates. Services for those with disabilities will continue to shut down and the instability prevents job growth. It’s time for the Senate Republicans to drop the partisan games and come back to the negotiating table.”